Roleplaying Spell Effects 2.0 - Cheaper and Pre-Cut

Created by Arcknight

Revamping the best RPG Spell Effects to make them even better. Everything you asked for: Cheaper and Pre-Cut.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The BIG One! - Wave 1 is Shipping
4 days ago – Wed, Sep 18, 2019 at 10:49:39 PM

Lets take a photographic journey:

All 3x pages of the 5E Generic Set, die-cut and ready to ship.

Page 1 - Unpeeled
Page 1 - Peeled

The Die-Cutting is very good, the white print film peels of easily. The spell graphics look wonderful.

Page 2 - Unpeeled
Page 2 - Peeed

We have a full box of each of the 3 pages, so right around 200x sets like we assumed.

Page 3 - Unpeeled
Page 3 - Peeled

The graphic is correctly scaled, with the die-cutting going 'just around it' in the smoothest way possible. The difference is about 1mm or less, making these things beautiful.

All Torn - No Scissors!

It took less than 30 seconds to tear these pages apart, the die-cutting is clean and the notches are ideally placed so nothing rips.

Every part of this final product was almost EXACLTY how we imagined it, and I have to say I'm impressed. The Dies Philip made really work, the rings work great and aren't too flimsy, and in every other way it's just a superior version of our previous product - and you don't need scissors!

3 Sheets, in Map Case, Unpeeled.

As we planned, without peeling the white print film, you can tear the "outer edge" off the sheets, and they slide into a map case. This has almost no effect on you guys (the backers) because you're likely to pop them all out immediately, but it does open doors for us with packaging options. We may even retail these like this "in the case" with unpeeled or peeled sheets, which was never an option before.

Ready to ship

As a reminder, we're doing as little assembly as possible in this campaign. Sheets are going straight into 12x18" cardboard mailers, and are all being shipped Priority Mail.

Sheets + Box weighs in at exactly 15.8 oz.

Sheets + Map Case + Box weighs 1 pound, 2 oz.

As promised, I'm trying things a little differently this time. Now that we have the product IN HAND, I'm finally locking Backerkit, processing credit cards, and pushing the first 200 orders into my shipping system.

Approximately another 500 sets are being finished in Las Vegas right now, and may ship to me as early as tomorrow, and we have more plastic shipping to us to make the last of the sets by the end of the month.

Flat Plastic Miniatures 3 Teaser

If this micro campaign can be closed out smoothly, we're very happy. Next up for us will be another BIG project for Flat Plastic Miniatures. This time around, we're taking the dive and making a support kit for existing hard-bound adventures. We want GMs to have a 1-stop shop for every miniature they need to run and entire campaign, so we're setting our sights on a support kit for the Lost Mines of Phandelver and Storm King's Thunder adventures. We'll also have some war-bands and other special packs to boot.

We've learned a TON from Flat Plastic Miniatures 2 about what not to do as far as kickstarter structure goes. And with this campaign's hyper streamlined approach and huge success, we have a plan for FPM3 that we hope is the best of both worlds - a beefy campaign with some wonderful new offerings, but under the hood a very streamlined tier structure, and many tricks to simplify the production and delivery process so we can get it out the door on time with minimal headaches.

The Update thats about to require another Update - Production results from Vegas!
9 days ago – Sat, Sep 14, 2019 at 01:16:38 AM

Sorry this update has been so delayed, there's a lot of moving parts.

As a recap: I went to Vegas, we created the final dies for the 5E Generic sets. We printed a few initial copies, and prepared for our main print run.

The results were almost exactly what we expected; everyting went very well, but there were some additional issues, including a transparency glitch, some minor scaling issues that had to be cleaned up, and because this was just an initial test of the cutting, and the scaling, we did not bother properly aligning the die. So when you see these photos, you might think "man, the alignment is off too!" well, sort of, but actually it wasn't aligned at all. That alignment is just random with no attempt to line it up.

Here are some real photos of the test batch from this trip:

The Big Picture

These are fantastic! I didn't cut these with scissors, they fall out of their sheets, you just peel the white film off and pop them right out. The die-cutting works like a charm and these are truly ideal.

So, now what?

Well, this is why this update basically needs another update. After this successful test, all we needed to do was fix a few glitches, and then print print print print. So i sent my co-worker to Vegas last week, and .... well, he's been printing!

The first 200x sets were successfully printed and are already in the mail to our warehouse. I should have them in a few days. The next 500x sets after that are 2/3rds printed, and their final sheets are printing this weekend, and I should have those faster than I can even ship the first 200.

So in a nutshell, you can consider ~700/1200 sets of this campaign are already printed, and on their way to me. Unless theres some unforeseen issue (I haven't personally inspected these sets myself yet) they'll start going right out. So i can somewhat confidently say we're starting delivery in mid-September.

Heading to Las Vegas for Production!
27 days ago – Mon, Aug 26, 2019 at 10:13:40 PM

Final Layout

The final layout is finished. It's got some minor changes. We also re-arranged everything to cut and ship slightly better.

One of the considerations we dealt with is that we might have crammed a couple more tokens in, but the concern is if we crammed pieces everywhere we could, the overall pack can become unstable when peeling and package it for potential retail.

But I believe everything is just - better than our initial estimates anyway.

  • All of the promised pieces
  • more buff/reference tokens
  • Extra large "Inspiration" tokens

^ If you notice any art glitches in the image above, like the Gust of Wind, it's just a visual bug in the .png export. The final copies shouldn't have any of that.

Production Time!

Tomorrow, August 27th, I'll be flying to Las Vegas for a few days to work directly with Philip on all the finishing touches. Dies are underway, and we'll be working together to begin production.

Over the next week, here's our Hitlist:

  • Finish and export final print files.
  • Create all metal rule and create physical dies
  • Print (a bunch) of copies
  • Die-cut (a bunch) of copies and verify the dies are lined up.

Realistic Expectations

I believe it's very likely (lets say 90%) we can finish all the files, and dies, this week. That will allow us to print, cut, and test.

Right now our printer has been recently fixed and is running smoothly. However, the 'full print run' of this campaign is almost 4000 sheets of plastic.

It's much less likely (lets say 10-20%) that we have a flawless print run and we get thousands of sheets in one go at the end of the week. That's just not realistic for printing with these machines. We'll likely get a decent haul of a few hundred sets, and then something will need doing - repairs, flush the ink, fixing the rule on the dies - or of course we'll run out of time.

But, a realistic expectation for this week will be to have some number of complete pages, correctly cut with their final layouts, photographs, etc.

And at the end of the week, we'll have another update with the status of production, and our plans for when we can continue the full batch.

More news soon

Backerkit is Live - Smoketest, then Full Release
2 months ago – Tue, Jul 16, 2019 at 02:03:33 AM

Backerkit is finished! As a new 'thing' they now require a Smoke Test.

That means 5% of you have just gotten your backerkit surveys. After a brief window of time, if we start seeing a bunch of complaints from you 5% we'll know that something is wrong, and we can fix it before bothering the rest of you.

So if you just got your survey, please check it out! If something is odd, complain loudly and immediately please =p

Assuming all is well, we'll release the other 95% of surveys late tonight or early tomorrow.

Backerkit Details - Launch soon.
2 months ago – Sun, Jul 14, 2019 at 02:13:12 AM

Backerkit Update

Backerkit is all set up, but it requires we wait a full 14 days from the end of the kickstarter, so that Credit Cards are fully finished processing. We'll be able to launch it in a few days.

Changing Pledge Level

Once in backer kit, you can update your Address, add additional items, etc.

Your main copy of 5E Generic Spell effects (or PF Spell Effects) is attached to your pledge itself. If you prefer to change your Pledge Level, click on the Text/Link labeled "switch your pledge level" and you'll be able to select a different pledge.

After that, everything else is managed inside your pledge survey. It should be pretty self explanatory.